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Creating Divorce Parenting Schedules

What is the best Parenting Schedule for your child during your Divorce or Child Custody Action?

When you are together in one household, scheduling is tough enough.  When you move into separate households, scheduling shared parenting becomes much more difficult.  So, how do you go about creating Divorce Parenting Schedules?

The first rule of setting a parenting schedule is to focus on the best interest of your child or children.  You know them far better than your lawyer or any Family Court Judge.  Whatever break happening in your relationship, you will still share a responsibility for parenting your child.  Where you can, work together to come up with a schedule between the two new households that promotes your child’s happiness.

My clients come to me with a child custody and parenting schedule dispute most often because there is a profound disagreement as to what is in the best interest of a child.  If you find yourself in that position, arm yourself with knowledge.

Kentucky Family Court now starts from a presumption that an equal parenting schedule is in the best interest of your child.  One might reasonably question the imposition of the General Assembly on the ability of a Family Court Judge to make decisions where there is no agreement between parties appearing before the Family Court Judge, but that is where we find ourselves.  If you are sharing an equal parenting schedule, then my best advice is to limit the time a child will spend without contact with the other parent.  Most often, an alternating weekend schedule with one parent having Mondays and Tuesday and the other parent having Wednesdays and Thursdays limits the time away.

My next piece of advice is to use good tools.  If you are having trouble communicating, select a forum (calls, email, texts, apps designed for co-parenting, etc.) and stick with it.  I think visually, so I often use a chart like the one below:


   SUNDAY               MONDAY               TUESDAY           WEDNESDAY     THURSDAY       FRIDAY               SATURDAY

  SUNDAY               MONDAY               TUESDAY           WEDNESDAY     THURSDAY       FRIDAY               SATURDAY

Always look at creating divorce parenting schedules through the lens of your child’s eyes.  Be prepared to tell your Family Court Judge why you think the schedule you propose is in the child’s best interest.

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