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Affordable Louisville Divorce Lawyer

If you are about to go through a divorce, one of the first questions that comes to mind is likely “How much will this cost me?”.  Consequently, when people search for a Louisville Divorce Attorney, one of the most common search terms is “Affordable”.  But, what does “Affordable” mean for you?

Divorce Lawyers all tell the joke “Why is a Divorce so Expensive?  Because It’s worth it”.  There is always some truth in humor, but glibness is seldom helpful.  You should (and must) carefully consider how much you are able to spend on your divorce.  The decision to file (or being served with your spouse’s divorce petition) is so emotionally fraught that your judgment may become clouded.

The first fact to consider is whether you are the spouse with the easiest access to your family funds.  If you are the primary wage earner, that means you.  If so, your divorce will almost certainly leave you with fewer assets and greater financial obligations than when you began.  When you add a rather large legal bill to your obligations, the time to recover from the cost of a divorce grows longer.

If you are the spouse with less access to family funds, then the cost of the divorce is more distant.  As you move past the divorce, even though your legal claim to assets may be less, your practical access to those assets may be greater.  In addition, KRS 403.220 allows Louisville Family Court to direct your former spouse to pay some or all of your legal costs.

When deciding on a budget, first consider the complexity of your case.  Do you need a divorce lawyer who is prepared to take on complicated issues concerning your children, the support you pay or receive, and the division of complex assets like a family business or professional practice?  Or, do you have limited assets that are easy to value and fairly limited debt?  DON’T spend more on your lawyer than you will be left with after the divorce – That never makes sense, but does happen.

Louisville Divorce Lawyers with more experience will usually cost more.  The Divorce Attorney with experience may see things in your case that you don’t.  Further, the Louisville Divorce Attorney who has been in practice for a while should be able to accomplish tasks more quickly for you, which may mean cheaper.

When you evaluate the cost of your divorce, ask your lawyer if she or he has a practice that assigns repetitious administrative tasks to an assistant or paralegal who might bill at a lower rate.  A staff of nonlawyers performing paralegal tasks may be your best resource for information about your divorce while it is underway and for cost containment.

Remember that “Cheap” is almost never “Affordable”.  Also, have confidence in discussing your fees and costs with your Louisville Divorce Lawyer.  He or she will (or should) be glad to go over any questions you have.

If you have questions about your divorce, I will always be happy to talk to you.  Just give me a call. Also, please feel free to learn more at or or if you are not ready to talk.  You might want to check out or some of my other articles.  Thanks for reading.

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