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Family Court Lawyers Louisville KY

Family Court in Louisville consists of ten (10) divisions presided over by ten (10) Family Court Judges.  The types of cases handled by Family Court is very broad, but all focused on the legal aspects of a family or children.

Not all Family Court Lawyers have the same focus to their practice.  Most of my Family Court practice is in Divorce and Child Custody cases.  In these cases, Family Court will deal with child custody, parenting schedules, child support.  When the parties are not yet divorced, Family Court will address claims of nonmarital property, division of marital property, responsibility for debt, spousal support (or maintenance or alimony), and payment of lawyers’ fees and costs of litigation.

Other Family Court Lawyers focus on Adoption.  Adoption includes the termination of parental rights, whether voluntary or involuntary, and adoption of the child or children.  There are lawyers whose practice focuses on representing the children going through the adoption process.

Domestic Violence is addressed in Family Court.  A Domestic Violence Order is a civil, not criminal, Order which deals with allegations of Domestic Violence in a Family.  The Domestic Violence Order can also deal with child support and the protection of property.

Family Court Lawyers appear in Dependency, Abuse or Neglect actions.  In those cases, the safety of a child is in question.  Most often, the Cabinet for Health and Family Services, through the Office of the Jefferson County Attorney and Child Protective Services, files the Petition.  The end goal in those cases is to address any harm or risk of harm to children and reunify the family.

Juveniles (children below the age of eighteen (18)) might appear with a Family Court Lawyer when there are questions about their home life or possible crimes committed by a child.

Finally, Family Court Lawyers may appear in Paternity cases where the relationship between child and Father has not been established or is in question.  Family Court then has the authority to address child support, custody and visitation.

If you or someone you know needs to speak with a Family Court Lawyer in Louisville KY, please give me a call.  If I cannot help, I will direct you to a Family Court Attorney who is able to help.  If you need more information, check out my websites at,, or

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