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Contested Divorce Louisville Ky

As a Divorce Lawyer, the first call I get usual has a question about whether the possible divorce is contested.  In Family Court, a contested divorce is one in which there are one or more issues in dispute.

The possible (not exhaustive) issues addressed by Louisville Family Court in a Divorce are as follows:

  1. Child Custody
  2. Visitation or Parenting Schedule
  3. Child Support
  4. Restoration of Nonmarital Property
  5. Division of Marital Property
  6. Assignment of Responsibility for Debt Accrued for a Marital Purpose
  7. Spousal Support
  8. Payment of Fees and Costs

If there is a disagreement about any one of the issues in the divorce, then the divorce is contested.  If there is complete agreement on all issues, then the divorce is uncontested.

As a Divorce Attorney, I am careful about the “uncontested divorce”.  I may only represent one side in a divorce.  If there is unequal bargaining power, then the “uncontested” nature of the divorce is certainly questionable.  The Judge in Louisville Family Court will not take my word for the nature of the divorce.  The Judge must find any Agreement to be “not unconscionable”.

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