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Oldham County Divorce Attorneys

If you either need to make a tough decision to protect yourself or your children that involves Oldham Family Court, how do you find help?  How do you know how your attorney is viewed in the community?


For me, most of my clients find me through a referral.  My top referral sources are other lawyers, clients, and opposing parties.  When a lawyer, a former client, or an adversary recommends me, the client usually comes in with some built-in confidence.

Traditional Oldham County Divorce Attorney Ratings Services

If you don’t know a lawyer, or are not comfortable talking about your situation, you will likely seek out information online. The traditional publishing companies like Reuters/West Publishing/ and Lexis Nexis/Martindale Hubbell/ began referral services long before the digital age, but evolved into lawyer referral search engines.  Take a look at my profile here and my profile for information from those sources.

New legal specific companies like AVVO and Justia are newcomers to the marketplace, but offer a little more date and interaction.  My profile and profile pages give you some information about me and my practice.

Online Oldham County Divorce Attorney Ratings Services

Finally, there are referral engines which seem to be like Angie’s List, but include lawyers.  Of those, is spending the most in our market to help people find a Oldham County Divorce Attorney.  While you can review my profile page, I remain unsure of the value of sites that provide information about this broad of a community of services.

If your family is going through a change, please feel free to give me a call.  If you are not ready to call, please feel free to learn more at my website or The Louisville Divorce Attorney or The Louisville Divorce Lawyer before we talk.  Thanks for reading.

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