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Back in March, I read “How to Ask your Spouse for a Divorce Like a Grownup” and recommended it.  I thought, and think, the article has a lot of good advice if you are considering or actually going through a divorce.

One important thing to remember is that the litigation phase of your divorce is only a small part of your life.  You will have a life outside of your lawyer’s office.  If you have children, you will be tied to your former spouse for the rest of your life.  You will want that tie to be as healthy as possible.  You should also remember that the anger and ill will that often is felt at the beginning of a divorce will not always be there.  Make it possible for you and your spouse to talk about your kids.

So, what should you avoid?  Here are some hard and fast rules:

  1. Do Not Talk to your Children about the Adult Component of your Divorce;
  2. Do Not Involve your Children in your Post-Separation Social Life;
  3. Think before you Post, Tweet, Instagram, etc.;
  4. Do Not Post, Tweet, Instagram, etc. after 9:00 p.m.;
  5. Do Not Cyber Stalk your soon-to-be former spouse;
  6. Do Not Put Tracking Devices on your soon-to-be former spouse’s electronic devices;
  7. Do Not Put Tracking Devices on your soon-to-be former spouse’s car;
  8. Forget to take a lot of “You Time”;
  9. Do Not Worry that You Will Be Judged for Talking to a Therapist;
  10. Do Not Try to Hide Money or Assets; and
  11. Do Not Listen to Every “Expert” at Work or the Bar Tell You About Your Divorce.

Use Good Common Sense.  Have Healthy Boundaries.  Think Before You Speak or Act.  In short, do not do anything that you think might embarrass you or your children.  If you would be ashamed for your friends and family to know that you did or said something, then DO NOT DO IT!

If you have questions about Louisville Family Court, or your family is about to go through a change, please call me.  If you are not ready to talk, then please take a look at my website or The Louisville Divorce Attorney or The Louisville Divorce Lawyer.  I will help you with your difficult questions about a difficult time in the life of your family.

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