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Family Law Attorney Louisville

I have now been practicing law for going on 21 years.  Within 3 years, my practice began to focus on Family Law.  I often wonder why my particular area of my profession is called “Family Law”. I do not sell or advocate for Divorce.  I do not sell or advocate for Child Custody disputes. When someone comes to see me, they are going through a challenge or change within their family more often than not.

The first answer is that Family Law covers a variety of different areas where Family Courts and families intersect.  Sometimes marriages end in divorce.  Even after the divorce is over, changes need to be made to support, custody and parenting schedule issues.  Sometimes parents cannot agree on how to raise children or share time with them.  Sometimes parents cannot agree on how to share the responsibility of financial support for their child or children.  Sometimes parents are accused of abusing or neglecting their child.  Sometimes domestic violence exists within a family unit.  Sometimes parents open their hearts and home to a child in search of a family.  In other words, Family Law is a very broad area of the law covering many different intersections between our Family Courts and Kentucky families.

The second answer is that I have the opportunity to represent families.  Like I said, I do not sell divorces or anything else.  I represent family members confronted with a problem they cannot solve alone.  Over the years, I have grown to feel privileged to be called a Family Law Attorney.

If your family is going through a change, please feel free to give me a call.  Also, please feel free to learn more at or or if you are not ready to talk.  Thanks for reading.

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